In living memory, is it not possible to remember when Corso Manfredi 83, in the center of Manfredonia, there is a tobacconist. By tacit agreement, as if there had ever been, because the collective imagination this store is a piece of land, and the country could not do without this store.

The "quantum leap", however, not lost in the mists of time, but started 12 years ago, when Filomena di Iasio, a screen printing experience behind him, he embarks on his own and over the management of tobacco.

Never as in this case, it is perhaps appropriate to say: "Vocation." The passion for "puros" in his blood. Seduced at first by their unique scent, year after year has continued to study and practice of cigars, and today boasts an enviable expertise in the field.

Three years ago, worthy to host the "pearls" that preserves nell'humidor, also completely renovated his restaurant of 12 square meters, making it a veritable "treasure trove for all its references”.

Visited often by tourists and foreigners, as curious place in a confined space are cigars, gifts, pipes, pipe preparations, spirits, chocolate and more, this is not just a tobacco store of cigars and smoking accessories.

The same fact also Filomena organizes tasting evenings for its customers and he reminisces: "I'm not so interested in selling itself as to gradually lead the novice to serious training in puros, or a genuine passion for cigars”.